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The quality of our products

BADGER Pellets comply with the most stringent European quality criteria and are DIN plus and ENplus A1 certified. These certifications ensure optimal combustion in your heating device. Always check the certification of the product you buy.

Perfect mastery of the raw material and regular controls also allow us to maintain this excellence in quality over time.

BADGER Pellets have a high calorific value (18MJ/KG). For an annual consumption of heating and hot water of 20,000 KWh (2000 litres of oil), about 4 tons of BADGER pellets is required (i.e. less than 6 M3).

From the heart of the wood, without bark, BADGER Pellets also have a very low ash rate (more or less 0.3% of ashes) For a tonne of BADGER Pellets consumed, you will only produce 3kg of ash.

Finally, BADGER Pellets are dusted on several occasions in order to minimise dust (less than 0.5%) that could be released during blowing into your silo or when your BADGER pellet bag is emptied into the reservoir of your stove. Compared to fuel oil, BADGER pellets are clean, they release a pleasant smell of wood and not stain.

In summary:

BADGER Pellets®: a high-quality fuel, DINplus and ENplus A1 certified, 100% local and natural wood fuel! Made from completely debarked wood, they have a very low ash rate and are highly calorific. No additional material is used during manufacture, which allows the avoidance of any dirt and hard ash. DINplus and ENplus A1, certified, the pellets provide optimal combustion. Badger Pellets are 'CO2 reducers'.